In Jesus’ Name!


I wanna share this video from Darlene Zschech titled “In Jesus’ Name”. I am really blessed by this video and every time I play I feel God’s presence and all of His promises in the bible keeps on coming through. This is a reminder that God is true to His Words and if we know how to tap, surely, we will be overwhelmed by it. No matter what we do, God is always good, He is committed to bring to us, in us that unmerited blessings and grace we need.

God said in the book of Matthew that in His name we will be saved, in His name we cast out demons, in His name we get the blessings, the protection, the healing and the provisions we need.

Our God is good. I don’t know what words to use but the feeling I get in His presence is hard to explain but all I know it’s a great feeling, never have that before.

What are you feeling in today? Do you feel like giving up? Do you feel like you’re being alone? God said, He will never fail us, He will never leave us. Call unto Him, pray; worship Him like you’ve never did before – anyway at the end of the day, we are born to Worship him.  Praise His Holy Name – the book of Psalm says, His Name, Praise will always be continually in my mouth!

You know what? God loves you. He forgives all your sins – past, present and future. You need to come boldly to Him and thank Him for the blessings [big or small] He has provided you daily.

God you’re worthy of our praise! Hallelujah!


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Redeemed. Saved. Ransomed. Loved. Beloved. Worshiper.
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