God’s Promises Are True!


Have you recently wondered if God’s promises are true that it will come to pass?

Think Not! I am a living testimony of God’s promises coming into existence and fulfilling all what He has in-store for me! I would like to share this verse:

…and being fully convinced that what He [GOD] had promised He [GOD] was able to perform. [Romans 4: 21 NKJV]

This passage became alive to me and in me upon reading it. I know God has made many promises in the bible and each promises He has made for you and I, surely, He is able to deliver it, fulfill it to your life. Surely, the God of all knowing will not waver on what He has set for you and I. He is committed to bring you to a place, a wealthy place.

One great fulfillment He has done when He sent Jesus to the world to die for you and I so we won’t perish in the set time of gathering. He sent His One and Only during the time where we were all sinners. He didn’t qualify and quantity all of us to send Jesus and die for us but He freely gave His Son without any condition – that’s unconditional love coming from the Father. How much more that we are in Christ, will He not fulfill His promises as set in the bible? We may not feel it now but just count the small things we get from Him every day.

God is able, He is the God of suddenlies and surprises! He know’s what He’s doing and He knows the right time for you and I to receive His tremendous amount of blessings. Pressed down, shaken together and running over! That’s His love, and He is committed to bring us to a place where we can enjoy more of His blessings, His provisions, His love, His protection. The question is, how much love do you have for Him? Do you have faith enough to believe what He has promised will come through to your life? If your answer is Yes! then, brace yourself, for His blessings will blow you away!


About Yeshuahpromised

Redeemed. Saved. Ransomed. Loved. Beloved. Worshiper.
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