Born To Win!


But thanks be to God! For through what Christ has done, he has triumphed over us so that now wherever we go he uses us to tell others about the Lord and to spread the Gospel like a sweet perfume. [2 Cor 2:14 TLB]

True enough, we need to thank Jesus for what He has done on the Cross two thousand years ago. He made us triumphant in every thing that we do. We have the seal of excellence, we are marked and crowned with favor. This is a true mark of a believer. Thanks be to God!

When Jesus died at the Cross, He put an end to everything – poverty, sickness and disease, and defeats. Why? Because the moment He died, Satan became powerless and has no rule over us anymore. When Jesus rose from the dead, that is already an assurance that from one generation to another, no matter what we do, we are made to be victorious and we are born to win every situation. It is not a guarantee also that we will not suffer issues, problems, tribulations – we will, because we live in an imperfect world but through Jesus where we draw our strength and joy from, surely we will just pass these tribulations and we will all go through the other side.

We are born to WIN every struggles, every obstacles, we just have to Believe that Jesus will bring us all out of our circumstances!




About Yeshuahpromised

Redeemed. Saved. Ransomed. Loved. Beloved. Worshiper.
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