A Testimony of God’s Protection


Today, I would like to share a testimony of how good our God is, in relation to protecting His beloved children and what will happen to us whenever we take heed to His instructions.

It has not been my usual routine to go to the back kitchen in our house at night time, it was few minutes ago, around 10:30pm when I felt that I MUST go to the back kitchen, I paused for awhile to check [while in my room] what will I do there, then something in me is pushing me to go downstairs immediately and go to the kitchen. I took heed and went, to my surprise, the air at the back kitchen was filled with gas, so I ran immediately to the stove and found out it was widely opened, I checked the gas tank and was surprised that it was fully opened too. I thank God for saving us, it would have been a big disaster for all of us especially that it was just me and my nephew in the living room whose awake as of this writing and everybody else was sleeping. Truly, God is faithful and He will not fail His children nor will He let this pending destruction to ruin the bright future ahead of us. As it is written ” No weapon formed against you shall prosper…Isaiah 54:17” “no evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home ” Psalm 91:10 NLT. Abba Father, thank you for Your protection.

See, if I am not sensitive to His voice, it would have been a great explosion that have happened. I thank God that I was founded on His Word and that I know what voice to listen to. I believe that it is high time for everybody to know the voice of the Shepherd, be sensitive to it and without a doubt, take heed to whatever instructions He will give you. He is God – all knowing and He knows what’s best for you. Find time to soak into His presence, communicate with Him and tell Him your cries and surely He will train you to be at the place where He wants you to be BUT it takes discipline to be on the track. Keep reading the bible, pray without ceasing and KNOW where you are in Christ! Then, everything follows.

His Love, His protection, His blessings, His grace, His provisions and His mercies are not just only for me, but it is ALL available for you and I. We just have to BELIEVE and have FAITH in Him.

God, be magnified today and forever!


About Yeshuahpromised

Redeemed. Saved. Ransomed. Loved. Beloved. Worshiper.
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