False Evidence Appearing Real [Knowing FEAR]

The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What man can do to me? [Psalm 118: 6 NKJV]

Fear is defined as False Evidence Appearing Real; while we are here living on an imperfect earth and imperfect body, there are chances that we can still commit mistakes, be tempted or even sin and as we walk through this earth, even as christian, a believer we still feel the word fear. Yes, fear will always be there for as long as we are here on earth BUT God has already promised us that we should not fear because He is always on our side. And with God being on our side, who else can be against us? God will always fight for us for He is always on our side.

At times, fear may appear as if it is true but it’s the scheme of the enemy where the enemy will make its best to make it as real as it is possible.

What are you fearing for today? Let that fear be taken and washed away by the Blood of Jesus. Have a renewed mind, Christ didn’t die for us to live in defeat, fear can be defeating and God doesn’t want us to live in fear. In fact, He wants us to be bold and be confident in everything we do. Fear will cost you to be shy, to be timid and we don’t have that kind of DNA in our body. We have the DNA of Jesus and we are made to be victorious. Let your fear be cast out and walk through the life that Jesus wants you to walk through.



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